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Inuit Games Competition
Kneel jump

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CompetitionSunday, February 25, 200716:00F. H. Collins Secondary School
James Qajaaqjuaq Tautu (PN)138,8 cm4' 6 5/8"
Joshua Robin Carr (PY)129,6 cm4' 3"
Byron Okheena (PW)125,5 cm4' 1 7/16"
Kyle Jennings Ross-Kuptana (PW)117,3 cm3' 10 3/16"
Tom Fulop (PY)113,0 cm3' 8 1/2"
Francois Joshua Bruce (PN)111,0 cm3' 7 11/16"
Craig B Gruben (PW)110,7 cm3' 7 9/16"
Cedric Schilder (PY)109,4 cm3' 7 1/16"
Chris Daniel Merkosak (PN)106,2 cm3' 5 13/16"
Dwayne Illasiak (PW)94,0 cm3' 1"
Mason Wade Fairclough (PY)91,1 cm2' 11 7/8"
Randy Tootoo Tanuyak (PN)86,4 cm2' 10"


Final standings

James Qajaaqjuaq Tautu (PN)Gold
Joshua Robin Carr (PY)Silver
Byron Okheena (PW)Bronze
Kyle Jennings Ross-Kuptana (PW)4
Tom Fulop (PY)5
Francois Joshua Bruce (PN)6
Craig B Gruben (PW)7
Cedric Schilder (PY)8
Chris Daniel Merkosak (PN)9
Dwayne Illasiak (PW)10
Mason Wade Fairclough (PY)11
Randy Tootoo Tanuyak (PN)12

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