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Dene Games Competition
Snow snake

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Competition (postponed to 12pm March 8)Thursday, March 08, 200712:00F. H. Collins Secondary School
Marie Pakkak Barnabas (PN)183,20 m
Benita Ejangiaq (PN)157,00 m
Myranda Aliesha Dawn Tizya-Charlie (PY)154,30 m
Devin Lee McLeod (PW)137,00 m
Roxanne Kigutaq (PN)136,00 m
Amanda Debra Dawn Brown (PY)134,30 m
Robyn Lisa Michelle McLeod (PW)112,40 m
Sandra Diane Carlick (PY)108,20 m
Shawna Lee Joceline McLeod (PW)104,70 m
Cora Lee Simpson (PW)98,90 m
Gabrielle Eva Thorsen-Herdes (PY)96,00 m


Final standings

Marie Pakkak Barnabas (PN)Gold
Benita Ejangiaq (PN)Silver
Myranda Aliesha Dawn Tizya-Charlie (PY)Bronze
Devin Lee McLeod (PW)4
Roxanne Kigutaq (PN)5
Amanda Debra Dawn Brown (PY)6
Robyn Lisa Michelle McLeod (PW)7
Sandra Diane Carlick (PY)8
Shawna Lee Joceline McLeod (PW)9
Cora Lee Simpson (PW)10
Gabrielle Eva Thorsen-Herdes (PY)11

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