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Synchronized Swimming

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CompetitionMonday, February 26, 200718:55Canada Games Centre
Camille Bowness (QC)82,667
Jo-Annie Melina Fortin (QC)80,333
Samantha Lianne Mawhinney (ON)78,333
Julia Kristine Maclean (ON)76,667
Rosilyn May Elise Tegart (BC)76,500
Jessica Shelby Guenther (SK)76,167
Emily Janet Brooks (AB)76,000
Maria Claire Friesen (AB)76,000
Emilia Kopcik (BC)76,000
Kate Victoria Stymiest (NB)72,667
Samanthia Lynn Lukash (SK)71,167
Freya Marie Perron (MB)69,833
Marlene Charlotte Desaulniers-Bernard (MB)68,000
Melinda Kathleen Jacobs (NB)67,833
Mallory Louise Coughlin (NS)66,167
Lisa Jane Bondt (PE)65,667
Danielle Jean Stewart (PE)63,667



B FlightFriday, March 02, 200708:25Canada Games Centre
A FlightFriday, March 02, 200710:00Canada Games Centre
NameB FlightA FlightScore
Camille Bowness (QC) 78,70278,702
Jo-Annie Melina Fortin (QC)77,651 77,651
Samantha Lianne Mawhinney (ON) 76,00776,007
Julia Kristine Maclean (ON)75,215 75,215
Jessica Shelby Guenther (SK) 75,12275,122
Emily Janet Brooks (AB)74,824 74,824
Emilia Kopcik (BC)74,458 74,458
Rosilyn May Elise Tegart (BC) 74,40474,404
Maria Claire Friesen (AB) 74,17974,179
Kate Victoria Stymiest (NB) 70,23770,237
Samanthia Lynn Lukash (SK)70,019 70,019
Melinda Kathleen Jacobs (NB)68,991 68,991
Freya Marie Perron (MB) 68,39868,398
Marlene Charlotte Desaulniers-Bernard (MB)68,391 68,391
Danielle Jean Stewart (PE) 66,98466,984
Lisa Jane Bondt (PE)65,330 65,330
Mallory Louise Coughlin (NS)DNSDNS 

DNSDid not start


Final standings

Camille Bowness (QC)Gold
Samantha Lianne Mawhinney (ON)Silver
Jessica Shelby Guenther (SK)Bronze
Rosilyn May Elise Tegart (BC)4
Maria Claire Friesen (AB)5
Kate Victoria Stymiest (NB)6
Freya Marie Perron (MB)7
Danielle Jean Stewart (PE)8
Jo-Annie Melina Fortin (QC)9
Julia Kristine Maclean (ON)10
Emily Janet Brooks (AB)11
Emilia Kopcik (BC)12
Samanthia Lynn Lukash (SK)13
Melinda Kathleen Jacobs (NB)14
Marlene Charlotte Desaulniers-Bernard (MB)15
Lisa Jane Bondt (PE)16
Mallory Louise Coughlin (NS)17

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