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Over 63 kg up to and including 70 kg

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Double Elimination

Bout 4Tanya Renae Friesen (MB) vs. Chantelle Michelle Salve Small (NL)10 - 0
Bout 5Ashley Maria Bartlett (BC) vs. Yacinta Xuân Nguyen-Huu (ON)10 - 0
Bout 10Sarah Jean Laird (PE) vs. Bishop Laine Sommerfeld (SK)0 - 10
Bout 11MARIE-ÈVE DE VILLERS-MATTE (QC) vs. Tanya Renae Friesen (MB)10 - 0
Bout 12Ashley Maria Bartlett (BC) vs. Amber Dawn Saunders (YT)10 - 0
Bout 13EMILIE FORTIN (NB) vs. Marjorie Alida Hellqvist (AB)0 - 1
Bout 16MARIE-ÈVE DE VILLERS-MATTE (QC) vs. Bishop Laine Sommerfeld (SK)10 - 0
Bout 17Ashley Maria Bartlett (BC) vs. Marjorie Alida Hellqvist (AB)7 - 0
Bout 28Amber Dawn Saunders (YT) vs. Chantelle Michelle Salve Small (NL)10 - 0
Bout 29Tanya Renae Friesen (MB) vs. Yacinta Xuân Nguyen-Huu (ON)0 - 7
Bout 39EMILIE FORTIN (NB) vs. Amber Dawn Saunders (YT)0 - 5
Bout 40Sarah Jean Laird (PE) vs. Yacinta Xuân Nguyen-Huu (ON)0 - 10
Bout A11Amber Dawn Saunders (YT) vs. Bishop Laine Sommerfeld (SK)10 - 0
Bout B11Marjorie Alida Hellqvist (AB) vs. Yacinta Xuân Nguyen-Huu (ON)0 - 5
Bout A12Ashley Maria Bartlett (BC) vs. MARIE-ÈVE DE VILLERS-MATTE (QC)10 - 0


Final standings

Ashley Maria Bartlett (BC)Gold
Yacinta Xuân Nguyen-Huu (ON)Bronze
Amber Dawn Saunders (YT)Bronze

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