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Artistic Gymnastics
Team competition

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Finals - Subdivision 1 and 2

1.VaultTuesday, March 06, 200712:15Canada Games Centre
2.Uneven barsTuesday, March 06, 200712:15Canada Games Centre
3.BeamTuesday, March 06, 200712:15Canada Games Centre
4.Floor ExerciseTuesday, March 06, 200712:15Canada Games Centre
Team1.Vault2.Uneven bars3.Beam4.Floor ExerciseTotal
Québec (QC)57,55053,80057,95056,300225,600
British Columbia (MB)59,80051,15057,75055,600224,300
Ontario (ON)58,65049,80058,80056,200223,450
Saskatchewan (SK)54,90049,15056,60053,750214,400
Alberta (AB)56,15048,25055,65052,900212,950
Manitoba (MB)54,50045,55054,70050,700205,450
New Brunswick (NB)55,05043,00053,25053,050204,350
Nova Scotia (NS)53,60044,40053,40049,650201,050
Yukon (YT)49,05035,20042,25044,150170,650
Prince Edward Island (PE)47,30033,50043,90045,800170,500
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL)49,85031,35043,45045,350170,000
Northwest Territories (NT)DNSDNSDNSDNS 

DNSDid not start


Final standings

Québec (QC)Gold
British Columbia (MB)Silver
Ontario (ON)Bronze
Saskatchewan (SK)4
Alberta (AB)5
Manitoba (MB)6
New Brunswick (NB)7
Nova Scotia (NS)8
Yukon (YT)9
Prince Edward Island (PE)10
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL)11

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