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Table Tennis
Team competition
Junior Mix

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Group A

AB-NLAlberta (AB) vs. Newfoundland and Labrador (NL)12 - 0
QC-MBManitoba (MB) vs. Québec (QC)2 - 10
QC-NLNewfoundland and Labrador (NL) vs. Québec (QC)0 - 12
MB-PE (changed from 09:00)Manitoba (MB) vs. Prince Edward Island (PE)12 - 0
AB-PE (changed from 13:30)Alberta (AB) vs. Prince Edward Island (PE)12 - 0
MB-NLManitoba (MB) vs. Newfoundland and Labrador (NL)11 - 1
QC-ABAlberta (AB) vs. Québec (QC)0 - 12
AB-MBAlberta (AB) vs. Manitoba (MB)8 - 4
NL-PENewfoundland and Labrador (NL) vs. Prince Edward Island (PE)7 - 6
QC-PEPrince Edward Island (PE) vs. Québec (QC)0 - 12

Alberta (AB)
Manitoba (MB)
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL)
Prince Edward Island (PE)
Québec (QC)


Group B

BC-SKBritish Columbia (BC) vs. Saskatchewan (SK)10 - 2
NS-NUNova Scotia (NS) vs. Nunavut (NU)11 - 1
ON-YTOntario (ON) vs. Yukon (YT)12 - 0
BC-NUBritish Columbia (BC) vs. Nunavut (NU)12 - 0
NS-YTNova Scotia (NS) vs. Yukon (YT)12 - 0
ON-SKOntario (ON) vs. Saskatchewan (SK)10 - 2
BC-YTBritish Columbia (BC) vs. Yukon (YT)12 - 0
ON-NSNova Scotia (NS) vs. Ontario (ON)0 - 12
SK-NUNunavut (NU) vs. Saskatchewan (SK)0 - 12
NS-SKNova Scotia (NS) vs. Saskatchewan (SK)3 - 9
ON-BCBritish Columbia (BC) vs. Ontario (ON)9 - 3
YT-NUNunavut (NU) vs. Yukon (YT)5 - 7
BC-NSBritish Columbia (BC) vs. Nova Scotia (NS)10 - 2
ON-NUNunavut (NU) vs. Ontario (ON)0 - 12
SK-YTSaskatchewan (SK) vs. Yukon (YT)12 - 0

British Columbia (BC)
Nova Scotia (NS)
Nunavut (NU)
Ontario (ON)
Saskatchewan (SK)
Yukon (YT)


Relegation Rounds 5-10

A3-B3 (Changed from 13:30)Manitoba (MB) vs. Saskatchewan (SK)7 - 5
A4-B4 (changed from 13:30)Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) vs. Nova Scotia (NS)2 - 10
A5-B5 (changed from 13:30)Prince Edward Island (PE) vs. Yukon (YT)5 - 7


Semi Finals

SF1 (A1-B2) (changed from 13:30)Ontario (ON) vs. Québec (QC)5 - 7
SF2 (A2-B1) (changed from 13:30)Alberta (AB) vs. British Columbia (BC)4 - 8



Bronze Match (Losers SF1-SF2)Alberta (AB) vs. Ontario (ON)7 - 6
Gold Match (Winners SF1-SF2)British Columbia (BC) vs. Québec (QC)7 - 6


Final standings

British Columbia (BC)Gold
Québec (QC)Silver
Alberta (AB)Bronze
Ontario (ON)4
Manitoba (MB)5
Saskatchewan (SK)6
Nova Scotia (NS)7
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL)8
Yukon (YT)9
Prince Edward Island (PE)10
Nunavut (NU)11

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