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Alpine Skiing
Giant slalom

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Run 1(changed from March 6)Wednesday, March 07, 200710:00Mt. Sima
Run 2 (changed from March 6)Wednesday, March 07, 200713:15Mt. Sima
NoNameRun 1(changed from March 6)Run 2 (changed from March 6)Time
001Kelsey Danielle Serwa (BC)1:02,991:04,182:07,17
002Andrea Louise Bliss (AB)1:03,391:04,012:07,40
037Krystyn Catherine Peterson (ON)1:03,201:05,072:08,27
021Catherine Morel (QC)1:03,211:05,182:08,39
009Marie-Élaine Lépine (QC)1:03,431:04,992:08,42
027Ève Routhier (QC)1:03,561:04,942:08,50
003Kelly Leigh Singer (ON)1:03,801:05,062:08,86
026Kayla Ann Birdgeneau (AB)1:03,651:05,442:09,09
033Marie-Michèle Bélanger-Timothy (QC)1:03,421:05,762:09,18
017Alexandra Ann Parker (AB)1:05,501:04,272:09,77
019Brooke Gillian Bunston (ON)1:05,031:04,802:09,83
013Victoria Ernestine Whitney (BC)1:04,641:05,212:09,85
044Jennifer Lorraine Welton (ON)1:04,731:05,832:10,56
005Kelsey J Nilsen (SK)1:05,011:06,392:11,40
039Sandra Rosemarie MacDonald (BC)1:05,951:05,762:11,71
028Julia Elizabeth Murray (BC)1:05,601:06,372:11,97
043Terra Marie Moran (AB)1:05,821:06,382:12,20
006Jessica Ellen Young (YT)1:05,441:06,842:12,28
014Kara Lindsay May Delaney (SK)1:06,011:07,232:13,24
047Brittany Phelan (QC)1:07,951:05,622:13,57
048Brianne Christin Ormerod (BC)1:07,381:08,122:15,50
025Nicola J Hughes (NS)1:07,101:08,592:15,69
023Morgan Laine Waldo (SK)1:09,061:10,022:19,08
040Lauren Elizabeth Ullyott (SK)1:09,481:09,802:19,28
008Kare Anne Tonning (NB)1:08,961:10,392:19,35
046Jenna Kirkhope (MB)1:09,231:10,142:19,37
041Catherine Hart (NS)1:09,341:10,522:19,86
045Brittany Mooney (SK)1:10,021:10,772:20,79
030Mandy Thomas (NB)1:09,771:11,282:21,05
034Emily Evelyn Alison Burns (NS)1:10,451:10,842:21,29
018Julia Madeline Coleman (NB)1:10,301:12,072:22,37
036Christie Anne Lawrence (NB)1:10,551:12,122:22,67
016Helena Hlas (MB)1:09,601:13,432:23,03
029Destiny Wing (MB)1:11,121:11,932:23,05
020Christina Love (PE)1:10,401:13,172:23,57
042Kate Caroline Young (NB)1:11,071:12,992:24,06
035Natasha Woelcke (MB)1:14,091:10,252:24,34
032Sarah Jane Herbert (PE)1:12,141:13,912:26,05
022Melissa Joanne Bennett (NL)1:18,091:20,942:39,03
031Robyn Michelle Huxter (NL)1:18,281:20,822:39,10
015Erica Trimble (YT)1:20,751:18,802:39,55
004Kaelin Anne Louise Mol (PE)DNFDNF 
010Alexis Stockford (MB)DNFDNF 
011Natalie Dawn Vincent (NS)DNFDNF 
012Lydia Anne Stevens (NS)DNFDNF 
024Katherine Elinore Richardson Arnould (ON)DNFDNF 
038Stephanie Irwin (AB)DNFDNF 

DNFDid not finish


Final standings

001Kelsey Danielle Serwa (BC)Gold
002Andrea Louise Bliss (AB)Silver
037Krystyn Catherine Peterson (ON)Bronze
021Catherine Morel (QC)4
009Marie-Élaine Lépine (QC)5
027Ève Routhier (QC)6
003Kelly Leigh Singer (ON)7
026Kayla Ann Birdgeneau (AB)8
033Marie-Michèle Bélanger-Timothy (QC)9
017Alexandra Ann Parker (AB)10
019Brooke Gillian Bunston (ON)11
013Victoria Ernestine Whitney (BC)12
044Jennifer Lorraine Welton (ON)13
005Kelsey J Nilsen (SK)14
039Sandra Rosemarie MacDonald (BC)15
028Julia Elizabeth Murray (BC)16
043Terra Marie Moran (AB)17
006Jessica Ellen Young (YT)18
014Kara Lindsay May Delaney (SK)19
047Brittany Phelan (QC)20
048Brianne Christin Ormerod (BC)21
025Nicola J Hughes (NS)22
023Morgan Laine Waldo (SK)23
040Lauren Elizabeth Ullyott (SK)24
008Kare Anne Tonning (NB)25
046Jenna Kirkhope (MB)26
041Catherine Hart (NS)27
045Brittany Mooney (SK)28
030Mandy Thomas (NB)29
034Emily Evelyn Alison Burns (NS)30
018Julia Madeline Coleman (NB)31
036Christie Anne Lawrence (NB)32
016Helena Hlas (MB)33
029Destiny Wing (MB)34
020Christina Love (PE)35
042Kate Caroline Young (NB)36
035Natasha Woelcke (MB)37
032Sarah Jane Herbert (PE)38
022Melissa Joanne Bennett (NL)39
031Robyn Michelle Huxter (NL)40
015Erica Trimble (YT)41

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