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NameJaden Riley Jamieson
ContingentTeam Saskatchewan
SportAlpine Skiing



Super-G Male
No: 002
Final position: 21
Run (changed from March 5)Tuesday, March 06, 200713:00Mt. Sima
Giant slalom Male
No: 001
Final position: 17
Run 1(changed from March 6)Wednesday, March 07, 200711:00Mt. Sima
Run 2 (changed from March 6)Wednesday, March 07, 200714:05Mt. Sima
Slalom Male
No: 014
Final position: 23
Run 1Thursday, March 08, 200711:00Mt. Sima
Run 2 (changed from 14:30)Thursday, March 08, 200714:00Mt. Sima



Height (ft, inches)5'8
Weight (lb)140
Language(s) spokenenglish
Years I have participated in my sport
Club or School TeamTable Mountain Alpine Race Team
CoachBlair Fairly
Position/Event/SportAlpine Skiing
Other recent athletic or artistic accomplishments
I played on my schools junior volleyball team and we won distics.
I played on my schools soccer team and we won third place at provincials.
Games or championships that I have participated in
Year Full name of competition/sport/event Placing
2006 Saskatchewan winter games first
2003 whistler cup 13 in slalom
My goals for the 2007 Canada Winter Games
-To win.
-to gain experience
My personal role model
my personal role models are my brothers.
Other information that could be of interest to the media
Coming from saskatchewan we didn't realy have the terrain for alpine skiing so when I was growing up with my brothers, one thing we would do every winter is tie a long rope to the back of dad's skidoo and we would pull each other arround on skis in the field behind the farm. We would do this almost every day after school, getting pulled around seeing who could get pulled the fastest without crashing, building jumps to see who could jump the longest. It is by far best use for an old pair of skis and a skidoo.