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Ouverture de session


NomKent Addison Montgomery
Lieu de résidenceWapella
SportSki alpin



Super G Homme
Numéro: 012
Classement final: 24
Descente (épreuve de mars 5)Mardi 6 mars 200713:00Mont Sima
Slalom géant Homme
Numéro: 020
Classement final: 19
1re descente (épreuve de mars 6)Mercredi 7 mars 200711:00Mont Sima
2e descente (épreuve de mars 6)Mercredi 7 mars 200714:05Mont Sima
Slalom Homme
Numéro: 009
1re descenteJeudi 8 mars 200611:00Mont Sima
2e descente (épreuve de 14:30)Jeudi 8 mars 200614:00Mont Sima



Grandeur (pied, pouce)5'10"
Poids (lb)150
Langue(s) parlée(s)Enlgish
Je pratique ce sport depuis… années
EntraîneurSean Cameron
Position/compétition/sportAlpine Skiing
Mes succès sportifs ou artistiques
Broke intot op thirty in fisc race at Panorama two years ago in slalom winning most improved wich was my personal best!
Jeux ou championnats auxquels j'ai participé
Année Nom complet compétition/sport/manifestation Rang
2005 Saskatchewan Winter Games 2nd,2nd,3rd
Mes objectifs pour les Jeux d'hiver du Canada 2007
My goal is to do my best in the competition, have as much fun as possible competing in the games and meeting new people while at the games!
Mon modèle, mon inspiration
My personal role model is Manuel Osborne-Paradis on the canadian men's national team whom i first met while training in chile with the saskatchewan provincial team! Manny is my role model because he is outgoing and likes to help other's by giving pointers and words of encouragement!

Autres renseignements me concernant qui pourraient intéresser les médias
I have devoted most of my life to skiing, eventually racing at the fisc level for two years where i improved continually and still hadn't peaked at the end of my second year. I foreran the nor-am downhill race at Lake Louise in my second year which was amazing to do on a similar but shorter track as the World Cup!