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Ouverture de session


NomKaitlyn Patricia Youldon
Lieu de résidenceNepean



Équipe: Ontario
Numéro: 006
Classement final: Or
Î.-P.-É./OntVendredi 23 février 200710:00Centre des Jeux du Canada
Ont./C.-B.Samedi 24 février 200709:00Centre des Jeux du Canada
Ont./N.-É.Dimanche 25 février 200713:00Centre des Jeux du Canada
Qc/Ont.Lundi 26 février 200713:00Centre des Jeux du Canada
QF4 (1B - gagnante SG)Mardi 27 février 200713:30Centre des Jeux du Canada
DF1 (gagnantes QF1-QF4)Mercredi 28 février 200711:00Centre des Jeux du Canada
Or (gagnantes DF1-DF2)Jeudi 1er mars 200714:00Aréna Takhini



Grandeur (pied, pouce)5'4
Poids (lb)135
Langue(s) parlée(s)English
Je pratique ce sport depuis… années
Club ou équipe-écoleClub
EntraîneurGlen Gaudet
Jeux ou championnats auxquels j'ai participé
Année Nom complet compétition/sport/manifestation Rang
2004 World Flag Football Championships 3rd
2005 Canadian Ringette Champsionships 3rd
2006 Canadian Ringette Champsionships 3rd
Mes objectifs pour les Jeux d'hiver du Canada 2007
My goals are to play and preform to the best of my ability. As well as my team being successful.
Mon modèle, mon inspiration
My personal role model would have to be Jodie Connolly. She's been one of my coaches for my local team for a few years now. She's been to the first ever Canada Winter Games for ringette and has also played on Team Canada. She's a great role model and I really look up to her.
Autres renseignements me concernant qui pourraient intéresser les médias
I have been playing ringette for 10 years. I've had much success in my ringette career. I've won 2 provincial gold medals. I've been to the Eastern Canadian Ringette Championships and won the gold medal. I've been to the Canadian Ringette Championships twice where both years I received a bronze medal and the Individual Achievement Award. Also, at the 2006 Nationals, I was awarded 2nd Line All-Star. Lastly, I am one of the youngest members on this year's Ringette Team Ontario.