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Ouverture de session


NomKelsey Marie Haworth
Lieu de résidenceCalgary



Équipe: Alberta
Numéro: 015
Classement final: Argent
Man./Alb.Samedi 24 février 200713:00Centre des Jeux du Canada
Alb./N.-B.Dimanche 25 février 200715:00Centre des Jeux du Canada
Alb./Sask.Lundi 26 février 200709:00Centre des Jeux du Canada
QF3 (1A-4B)Mardi 27 février 200711:00Centre des Jeux du Canada
DF2 (gagnantes QF2-QF3)Mercredi 28 février 200713:00Centre des Jeux du Canada
Or (gagnantes DF1-DF2)Jeudi 1er mars 200714:00Aréna Takhini



Grandeur (pied, pouce)5'8"
Poids (lb)145
Langue(s) parlée(s)English
Je pratique ce sport depuis… années
Club ou équipe-écoleCalgary Belle AA Unit
EntraîneurDean Melynk
Mes succès sportifs ou artistiques
I received the individual achievement award after the final in nationals 06 in Quebec. I have won provincials six times, twice in Tween, therefore attending Westerns twice, coming home first with a bronze and then silver the next year. I have won provincials once in Junior and twice in belle, therefore attending nationals three times, my first in Calgary, Alberta and winning gold, and my second in Winnipeg and winning gold and my third nationals in Quebec getting silver.

Jeux ou championnats auxquels j'ai participé
Année Nom complet compétition/sport/manifestation Rang
2006 Canadian Nationals 2nd
2005 Canadian Nationals 1st
2004 Canadian Nationals 1st
Mes objectifs pour les Jeux d'hiver du Canada 2007
My goals are to enjoy playing at a high level of ringette, enjoy all the experiences and learn from them, to make new friends and to learn more about other events. I also want to become a more skilled ringette player and learn new things from new coaches and new experiences and of course bring home the gold for Alberta!
Mon modèle, mon inspiration
My mom.
Autres renseignements me concernant qui pourraient intéresser les médias
I played ringette from south Calgary and not many south Calgary girls played aa. I tried out for aa my first year petite ( the first year you are eligible) I got cut. My second year petite I made a aa team for Calgary. I then went on to play both years in tween at the aa level. I then came up to junior and was cut my first year junior from aa. I worked really hard to make aa the next year, and that’s what I did. I played aa my second year junior and have been playing aa straight through since. I think it’s a such an accomplishment to have been cut in junior and coaches and people not believing I could do it and now Im playing on the Canada winter games team for Alberta is a huge accomplishment for me.