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Ouverture de session


NomKristen Cooze
Lieu de résidencePort au Port



Hockey Femme
Équipe: Newfoundland and Labrador
Numéro: 11
Classement final: 5e place
T.-N.-L./Ont.Lundi 5 mars 200711:00Centre des Jeux du Canada
Î.-P.-É./T.-N.-L. Mardi 6 mars 200711:00Aréna Takhini
Quart de finale 1 (rangs 1 et 8)Jeudi 8 mars 200612:30Aréna Takhini
Classement DF1 (perdantes QF4 et QF1)Vendredi 9 mars 200715:00Aréna Takhini
Gagnantes CDF2 et CDF1Samedi 10 mars 200712:30Centre des Jeux du Canada



Grandeur (pied, pouce)5'1
Poids (lb)123
Langue(s) parlée(s)English
Je pratique ce sport depuis… années
Club ou équipe-écoleStephenville Stars
EntraîneurReg Columbe / Gordie Caines / Sandi Caines
Position/compétition/sportforward / female ice hockey
Mes succès sportifs ou artistiques
well, first of all, i made the canada winter games team, which i thought was crazy, since im only 14 years old. That is definatly one of my personal bests. Another personal best I have had was when i was 11 and i scored the game winning goal in the Atlantic Challenge Cup.
Jeux ou championnats auxquels j'ai participé
Année Nom complet compétition/sport/manifestation Rang
2006 Invitational Tournament 1st
2006 Provincial Female Tournament 1st
2005 Provincial Male Peewee B Tournament 1st
Mes objectifs pour les Jeux d'hiver du Canada 2007
my goals for the canada winter games are to do the best I can, do what I got to do to help my team out. Even though I am the smallest player on my team, ill do my best to help my team out in anyway. It would also be cool if i could score a goal, but if that doesnt happen i'm not going to freak out.
Mon modèle, mon inspiration
Cassie Campbell is my personal role model, because she was a leader when she was playing on her team, she still is a leader. She always made the right play at the right time and she was always thinking. I want to be like her because i want to be smart like her and be able to make those wicked plays.
Autres renseignements me concernant qui pourraient intéresser les médias
I've always dreamt that i would make it to the Canada Winter Games ever since i was 7 years old.