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NameStephanie Loretta Lampman
ContingentTeam Ontario



Over 52 kg up to and including 57 kg Female
Final position: Bronze
Bout 1Wednesday, February 28, 200710:00Canada Games Centre
Bout B30Wednesday, February 28, 200712:25Canada Games Centre
Bout B35Wednesday, February 28, 200712:50Canada Games Centre
Bout A3Wednesday, February 28, 200716:10Canada Games Centre



Height (ft, inches)5ft, 4inches
Weight (lb)133 lb
Language(s) spokenEngligh and French
Years I have participated in my sport
9 years.
Club or School TeamWelland Judo Club
CoachChuck Lee
Other recent athletic or artistic accomplishments
Athletic :
1. Junior Olympics - First place
2. Kawasaki Rendokan Tournament - First place
3. Quebec Open - Second place
4. Shin Bu Kan Tournament - First place
5. Ontario Open (Nationals Qualifier) - Third place
6. First Ontario Winter Games Qualifier - First place
7. Second Ontario Winter Games Qualifier - First place
8. Ajax Budokan tournament - Second place
9. RMC Open - Second place
10. Canada Winter Games qualifier - First (personal bests)
11. Female Athlete of the year 2005 (City of Welland) - First runner up (personal bests)
Games or championships that I have participated in
Year Full name of competition/sport/event Placing
2006 Junior Nationals First
2006 Ontario Winter Games First
2006 School Championships - Junior Nationals Qualifier First
My goals for the 2007 Canada Winter Games
My main objective for the 2007 Canada Winter Games is to perform to my best ability and display my dedication to my sport. Moreover, I would like to place at least top 3 in my weight division. Also, because this is a multi-sport event, I will have the chance to meet other athletes from all over Canada and share this great experience with them.
My personal role model
My personal role model is my father, Stephen Lampman. This is a man that has been very successful in many different sports, including Judo, and that encourages me to do my best. Whenever I lack confidence in my self, he pushes me to work hard to accomplish my dreams. Without his support and influence, I truly believe that I would not have been as successful in Judo, in school, and in life in general.
Other information that could be of interest to the media
I commenced in Judo at the age of eight, and quickly became very determined to be amongst the top fighters. Consequently, training became my number one priority. Nowadays, I train between 4-6 times a week during the school year, and in average twice a day during the summer. It certainly hasn’t been easy, and I’ve sacrificed many things to pursue my dreams. I rarely have the time to spend with my friends and I miss out on a lot of family activities.
However, surrendering these things has not gone unrewarded. I have traveled all over Canada with various teams, and I’ve made numerous significant accomplishments; such as: wining a gold medal at the Ontario Winter Games, and competing in Germany with the junior elite team. In addition, I competed at the National level for the last three years, earning the title “two-time Canadian Champion”.