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NameAlyssa Victoria Caughy
ContingentTeam Manitoba



Over 78 kg Female
Final position: Gold
Bout 24Wednesday, February 28, 200711:55Canada Games Centre
Bout 35Wednesday, February 28, 200712:50Canada Games Centre
Bout 47Wednesday, February 28, 200713:50Canada Games Centre



Height (ft, inches)5,8
Weight (lb)210
Language(s) spokenEnglish, French
Years I have participated in my sport
Club or School TeamUniversity of Manitoba
CoachSensei Moe Oye
Position/Event/SportJudo, +78kg
Other recent athletic or artistic accomplishments
2006 National Judo Junior Champion
2006 National Juvenile Wrestling Champion
Games or championships that I have participated in
Year Full name of competition/sport/event Placing
2003 Canada Winter Games 2
2005 Canada Summer Games 5
My goals for the 2007 Canada Winter Games
To compete at my personal best and do well in the team competition.
My personal role model
I have two coaches that have inspired me too do my best and who have never given up on me or let me give up on myself. They are Kris Stasiak and Mitch Levque.
Other information that could be of interest to the media
Every Canada games I have been to I dye my hair a different colour. 2003 it was fire engine red, 2005 it was flamingo pink, so who knows what color it will be this time.