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NameTori Margaret Spence
ContingentTeam British Columbia
SportSpeed Skating Long Track



100 m Female
Final position: 17
Group 2Saturday, February 24, 200700:00F. H. Collins Secondary School
Group 2 - Heat 1Wednesday, February 28, 200713:00F. H. Collins Secondary School
Group 2 - Final FWednesday, February 28, 200714:00F. H. Collins Secondary School
500 m Female
Final position: 18
Race 1Saturday, February 24, 200700:00F. H. Collins Secondary School
Race 2Saturday, February 24, 200700:00F. H. Collins Secondary School
1000 m Female
Final position: 21
Competition Monday, February 26, 200714:30F. H. Collins Secondary School
1500 m Female
Final position: 24
CompetitionSunday, February 25, 200713:00F. H. Collins Secondary School
3000 m Female
Final position: 14
CompetitionTuesday, February 27, 200713:00F. H. Collins Secondary School
Team pursuit Female
Team: Maguire/Henry/Pousette/Spence
Final position: 5
CompetitionWednesday, February 28, 200715:00F. H. Collins Secondary School



Height (ft, inches)5"11
Weight (lb)130
Language(s) spokenenglish
Years I have participated in my sport
Club or School TeamRiver City Racers
CoachCathy Turnbul Spence
Games or championships that I have participated in
Year Full name of competition/sport/event Placing
B.C Winter Games
B.C Summer Games
My goals for the 2007 Canada Winter Games
My Goals for the 2007 Canada winter Games is to get some good times, make new friends, and have fun.
My personal role model
The person who has had the greatest impact on me in this sport is my coach(mom.) She always has been there for me, she has taught me just about everything I know and I don't know where I would be in this sport if it weren't for her. She also always puts in her hardest efferts to make each practise fun and she is very patient and cares for each of the skaters even though it is sometimes hard. I admire her hard work and loving attitude towards eerything.
My role model would probably have to be Cindy Klassen. In the last Olympics she won six metals. I admire her hard work, she trains hard and always has a positive attitude about everything. Even when things go wrong she bounces back and amazes everyone. She also has a very strong faith in God. My family and I try to go to church every Sunday but we are usually gone out of town or busy with activities. A strong faith helps you in everything. It helps you to be a better person and to be a good role model for younger people.
Other information that could be of interest to the media
I am the oldest out of in my family. I have a sister named Josie (12) a sister names Sara (11) and a brother names Eric (8.) I was born in Edmonton, Alberta and we moved around a couple times because of my dads job. I enjoy being outside and being with my friends and family. I always try my hardest in everything i do and i also always try to be positive about things.