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Ouverture de session


NomJoël Collin-Demers
Lieu de résidenceCumberland
SportPatinage de vitesse courte piste



500 m Homme
Classement final: 10
Finale C Lundi 26 février 200717:30Centre des Jeux du Canada
1000 m Homme
Classement final: 7
Finale B Mercredi 28 février 200717:00Centre des Jeux du Canada
1500 m Homme
Classement final: 12
Finale BDimanche 25 février 200715:00Centre des Jeux du Canada
3 000 m Homme
Classement final: 13
Finale B Jeudi 1er mars 200715:15Centre des Jeux du Canada



Grandeur (pied, pouce)5' 7''
Poids (lb)145
Langue(s) parlée(s)Français et anglais
Je pratique ce sport depuis… années
Club ou équipe-écoleGloucester Concordes
EntraîneurDavid Morrison / Gerry Harrington
Position/compétition/sportShort Track Speed Skating
Mes succès sportifs ou artistiques
Named ''Best presentor - Marketing'' at the 2006 ''Place à la jeunesse'' Ontario business competition at the university of Ottawa.

Qualifying for the Quebec Elite circuit at the end of last year.

Jeux ou championnats auxquels j'ai participé
Année Nom complet compétition/sport/manifestation Rang
2006 Ontario Short Track Speed Skating Provincial Championship 2
2006 Canada Post Short Track Canadian championship 9
2006 Ontario Winter Games 2
Mes objectifs pour les Jeux d'hiver du Canada 2007
I'll do my very best to get some personal best times, especially in the 500m and 1000m, and try to make at least one A final. Skating against such a varied field is a great opportunity to improve on strategy as well. I also hope to meet some interesting people from around the country and found new friendships. Finally, the ultimate goal is to grow as a person with this once in a lifetime experience.
Mon modèle, mon inspiration
There are many models who incarn values which I try to follow myself. Such as Lance Armstrong who overcame adversity, assumed his underdog status and came out on top on many occasions, Stephane Dion who stayed true to his values and beliefs and won the liberal leadership and Perdita Felician and Jeremy Wotherspoon who had unfortunate Olympic accidents, yet picked themselves up and kept striving for excellence.
Autres renseignements me concernant qui pourraient intéresser les médias
This summer, a couple of friends and I started a band and we hope to release our first CD by mid-May.

I am captain of the Improvisation team at my high school.