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NameEthan Joseph Lannon
ContingentTeam Newfoundland and Labrador
HometownGander NL



Over 66 kg up to and including 73 kg Male
Final position: 5
Bout 1Tuesday, February 27, 200710:00Canada Games Centre
Bout 26Tuesday, February 27, 200712:05Canada Games Centre
Bout 33Tuesday, February 27, 200712:40Canada Games Centre
Bout 13Tuesday, February 27, 200717:00Canada Games Centre



Height (ft, inches)5'6"
Language(s) spokenEnglish
Years I have participated in my sport
Club or School TeamChikara Judo Club
CoachJoe Coffey
Other recent athletic or artistic accomplishments
I participated in the Hatashita Toronto International judo torunament in muncton,also the blake lumpsden torunament in nova scotia and recieved gold and yearly torunaments in newfoundland
Games or championships that I have participated in
Year Full name of competition/sport/event Placing
2006 hashita internatinal judo torunament 11
2005 the blake lumpsden momoreal torunament 1
My goals for the 2007 Canada Winter Games
well my goal was just to get to the games so now i guess winning one fight would be great
My personal role model
i guess it would be nicholas gill it would be great to be as good as he is some day but my sensei Joe Coffey has been a great influence in my life and has tought me a geat deal about respect and the sport of judo so if i was so to be half the man he is would be a well lived life
Other information that could be of interest to the media
im a great student with top grades i enjoy the one on one aspect of judo how its just you and you opponent and its also a great confidence builder and know its helped me alot