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NameMicheal Pijausuitoq Putulik
ContingentTeam Nunavut
HometownRepulse Bay



Single Male
Final position: 17
25Saturday, February 24, 200709:00Canada Games Centre
Double Mix
Team: Putulik/McLarty
Final position: 17
40Saturday, February 24, 200716:00Canada Games Centre
Team competition Mix
Team: Nunavut
Final position: 13
4-13Tuesday, February 27, 200709:00Canada Games Centre
5-13Tuesday, February 27, 200714:00Canada Games Centre
12-13Tuesday, February 27, 200719:00Canada Games Centre
9-12Wednesday, February 28, 200709:00Canada Games Centre
12-10Thursday, March 01, 200709:00Canada Games Centre
13-12Thursday, March 01, 200713:00Canada Games Centre
11-12Friday, March 02, 200709:00Canada Games Centre



Height (ft, inches)5' 7"
Weight (lb)225
Language(s) spokenEnglish, Inuktitut,
Years I have participated in my sport
8 Years
Club or School TeamTusarvik School
CoachJaney Meredyk
Other recent athletic or artistic accomplishments
Gold Medal 1999-2006 Nunavut Territorials; Bronze Medal AWG 2002;
Games or championships that I have participated in
Year Full name of competition/sport/event Placing
2006 Nunavut Territorial Championship/Badminton 1st
2002 Arctic Winter Games/Badminton 3rd
2003 Canada Winter Games No Placement
My goals for the 2007 Canada Winter Games
My goal is to win a medal to proudly represent Nunavut at the Canada Winter Games. I also want to meet and play against the country's top players.
My personal role model
My personal role model is Stan Meredyk. Through all of my badminton training, Stan coached me until his retirement last year. Stan taught me perseverence and motivated me to continue playing through any losses and hard times.
Other information that could be of interest to the media
IN the past year, I was chosen as one of 12 Aboriginal Role Models for Canada and recently carried the Canada Winter Games Torch to Alert, Nunavut.